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Written by Anastasiya MarozUpdated 2 years ago

How to add a Public question?

To add a question into the Public Knowledge base you need to click the Add Question button in the Web application.
After that type in your question in the next form. Here it is possible to create the title of the question, and, if it is not enough, to add more details in the description field.

After that, it is possible to add an answer to the question using one of the following buttons:

You can click the Add Answer button and fill in the form below.

When you have added the question and the answer to it, click Next to go to the Settings section.

Here it is possible to set the verifiers and verification intervals, if necessary. Also it is important to add tags to the answer, so that it will be easier to sort the questions and answers by categories.

In order to make the question public, you need to check the corresponding box in the settings section. After that the question will be added to your Public Knowledge Base.

The Public switch at the top of the question card and the blue background indicates that the question is public. You can follow the link near this switch in order to get to the Public Knowledge Base page.

It will also be possible to see all the questions on your Public Knowledge Base in the Public section.