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Written by Angelina KozelkoUpdated 2 years ago

What can you do?

In Slack

You can interact with OneBar in Slack using @onebar , /onebar slash command or Slack message actions .
To get started, you can send a simple question directly to the @onebar bot. If it finds an answer in the Knowledge Base, it will reply with a suggestion.

A few other useful Slack commands and actions:

  • / onebar <keywords> - to do a keyword search over the KB. This command can be used anywhere, even in Direct Messages
  • / onebar subscribe <tag name> - use this command in a channel to subscribe it to a tag. A channel will start receiving notifications when somebody posts a new Problem tagged with this tag
  • @onebar save - run this for a channel or for a thread, and the bot will reply with a quick link to the Import View
  • /onebar feedback - to send a quick feedback to the OneBar team right from Slack
  • Ask, Answer and Save features are also available as Slack Actions

In Browser

To access the Web App go to <your slack workspace name>.onebar.io and sign in using your Slack credentials.

OneBar Web App provides you with all the advanced features. From there you can:
  • Edit existing content and create new
  • Browse the Knowledge Base
  • Organize information using tags
  • Assign people to unresolved Problems
  • Subscribe to and monitor the updates
  • See the stats
  • Configure the system
  • And more
Feel free to contact us at info@onebar.io for more tips and use cases.