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Written by Anastasiya MarozUpdated 2 years ago

(For Admin) How to set up bot answers?

The bot’s answers include several blocks that are also possible to set up and customize in the Settings section. To do this you need to go to the Settings section clicking your profile icon and choose the Slack Integration option. Then go to the Bot Answer Settings section.

The bot’s answer is divided into such blocks as Context, Question, Verification, Invited, Tags, Feedback and Navigation, as shown on the example on the right side of the page.

Here it is possible to choose which blocks should be included into the answer by checking and unchecking the boxes you need. The boxes that are marked with gray are always turned on by default, these blocks can’t be removed from the bot’s answer. The rest of the boxes can be turned on and off according to your use case.

The Question block shows matching questions from your Knowledge Base when you search anything using OneBar. The bot displays questions and answers to them as a search result. You can choose whether to display the question’s description and additional info in the bot’s answer or not by checking or unchecking this box.

The Answer block shows the answer to the question. In this block it is possible to enable or disable the ‘Only Expert/Admin could answer the questions’ option. If you turn this option on, only the assigned Experts and Admins will be allowed to answer the questions, and if you turn it off, all the users will be able to do so.

Sometimes the bot finds several questions that might be what the user is looking for. For such cases, there is the navigation block that allows you to move between different suggestions, using the arrow buttons.

The Feedback block includes the ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ buttons that allow you to rate the provided answer. User feedback is very important for the bot’s improvement, as this helps it to become smarter. So, if you leave your feedback regularly, the bot will be able to become more and more accurate in suggesting answers over time.