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Written by Anastasiya MarozUpdated 2 years ago

(For Admin) How to set up Onebar Slack bot?

For Admin
In order to start setting up the Slack bot in the settings section, you need to make sure that your Slack workspace is connected to OneBar. If you have installed the app not via your Slack account, you will need to integrate it with Slack separately in the Settings section. To do so, you will need to use the Integrate with Slack button in the Integrations Section.
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As soon as you integrate the app with Slack, your plan will automatically be changed to the Startup option with a 14-day trial which allows you to use the bot in up to 3 channels. To learn more about the plans, please visit the Pricing page.

After you have successfully installed the Slack bot, it will be possible to set it up using one of the categories at the top of the page: Bot Settings, Bot Answer Settings, Modal action Settings.
In the Bot Settings section it is possible to choose whether the bot should send a welcome message, and set up the message text using the Update button.