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Written by Anastasiya MarozUpdated 2 years ago

(For Admin) How to manage OneBar users?

In the Team section you can manage the OneBar users’ profiles, add new ones and see the analytics for the users of the knowledge base. It is also possible to sort them by tags and dates. The analytics section can help you to identify the most active users of the app or to find out the details of a particular question.

If you click on a user’s name you will be able to see their questions and set up their role.

To change a user’s role you can click the Manage Role button.

Here you can choose one of the three roles: Member, Admin or Expert.

A Member is a OneBar user who can ask and answer questions, work with the web app, but has limited access to settings.

The Admin is able to do everything that a Member can do, and to access all kinds of settings and integrations. Also the Admin can add new users and manage the roles of the existing ones.

And the Expert is able to manage the particular channels they are performing the role of an expert in. In the rest of the functionalities, this role is similar to the Member.