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Written by Anastasiya MarozUpdated 2 years ago

(For Admin) How to set up the bot in the Channel Settings?

You can enter the Settings section in the upper part of the page when you choose a particular channel.

Here you can customize the way the bot looks and set its name. It is also possible to choose different bot names and avatars for all of your channels.

Here it is possible to set up the bot’s automatic response frequency.

There are 5 levels of the bot verbosity you can choose from:
  • Silent  —  the bot never responds to anything automatically
  • High Certainty  —  the bot replies automatically only if it has a very good match for the question (e.g., an exact match in the question title)
  • Medium Certainty  —  the bot will respond if it has a rather suitable match, even though it can sometimes be wrong
  • Medium + All Questions  —  same as Medium, but if the bot doesn’t find an answer and the message looks like a question, it will suggest to post it on OneBar
  • Always Reply  — the bot will reply to every message on the channel. This option is useful when you want to create a shared Q&A channel. People would come to this channel only to talk to the bot without explicitly mentioning it in every message.

Also you can assign the Channel Experts, who can manage the channel settings, pre-approve the bot’s responses and receive daily digests about the channel activities.In the Scope field you can limit the bot’s answers to those that are marked by certain tags. This way the bot will use only the information that is marked by the tags you specify.

In the Company Email field you can add your company’s email address, and the users who click this button will be able to contact your company’s help center directly. When they click the Email Helpdesk button, they will receive a form to send a request to the company’s help center. This way it will be more convenient to collect and manage your help requests.