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How to work with the Knowledge Base and add Questions?

The Questions section displays the questions that are stored in your Knowledge Base. You can sort them by categories that are shown on the left. The My and Assigned to me categories allow you to view the questions that were asked by you, or assigned to you, accordingly.

In the New category you can see the questions that have been recently added into your knowledge base.
The Stale category shows the unsolved questions where there haven't been any activity for some time.
The Invalid and Expired section displays the questions that have issues reported by your team or their answers have expired.
The Loose section contains the questions that don't have any tags or people assigned to them and are unlikely to be resolved.
And the Archive category shows the archived questions that do not appear in the search results.

It is also possible to search for information using the search bar and filter the questions by date, status, channels, tags, requesters, responders and assignees.

To add a new question into your Knowledge Base, you need to click the Add Question button in the Web application. After that type your question in the Add Question field. You can create only a title, or add extra details in the description field, if necessary.

After that, it is possible to add an answer to the question using one of the following buttons:

You can click the Add Answer button and fill in the form below.

When you have added the question and the answer to it, click Next to go to the Settings section.

Here it is possible to set the verifiers and verification intervals, if necessary. Also it is important to add tags, so that it will be easier to sort the questions and answers by categories.
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