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Written by Anastasiya MarozUpdated a year ago

What is a Public Knowledge Base?

A Public Knowledge Base is a smart Q&A knowledge base similar to a private one, provided by OneBar, but available to all Internet users. It can be useful for sharing important information about your company, products, ways of dealing with specific tasks, or anything else, with the general public.

Using OneBar it is possible to choose which questions from your private knowledge base to share with the general public. Unlike a FAQ page, the Public Knowledge Base can be more detailed and include all sorts of information you believe can be useful. Moreover, all the information there can be updated and validated on a regular basis, which makes it easier to maintain.

The Public Knowledge Base is created automatically when you create the first public question. After that it will be possible to customize it by adding your company’s logo and choosing the most suitable color scheme.

The public questions and answers are placed on your company’s personal page. On this page there is a search bar and question tags which make the necessary information easier to find. There is also the Popular Questions section for the most frequently repeated ones.