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Written by Anastasiya MarozUpdated 8 months ago

What is OneBar?

OneBar is a knowledge management platform that helps your team collect and store all sorts of information and access it anywhere. It can help you build a smart FAQ knowledge base from your Slack conversations and use a Slack bot to respond to questions in channels automatically.
With OneBar you will be able to create a convenient FAQ wiki for your team, and save a lot of time answering repetitive questions.

It looks like an internal Stack Overflow or Quora but with a few tweaks:
  • It is private for your company
  • It integrates with your Slack workspace
  • You can easily save anything from your Slack to OneBar (Try replying @onebar save to any thread)
  • You can send questions directly to the @onebar bot and it will search for answers from the Knowledge Base
  • You can use OneBar right from Slack, without going to the web application
  • You can create a Public Knowledge Base to share knowledge with the world
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